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Footage Delivery

Receiving content has never been faster and easier!

You can use our website to quickly search, find, bin, and download comps -- easily dropping them on your timeline – at no cost to you. When you’re ready to license the high-resolution masters, you’ll only need a major credit card. There are various video formats you can choose to fit the medium you’re working with and our video masters are compatible with all major non-linear, commercial video editing software including: Avid, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas to name a few.

When working with our licensing agents, comps and full-resolution masters can be delivered via the Internet or via express courier. Our state-of-the-art servers maximize the transfer speed to your computer, allowing us to securely deliver hours of footage to your desktop with ease, at unprecedented speeds. More footage in your hands, faster than ever before.

Alternatively, if you provide your FTP credentials, our team can utilize your servers to deliver video footage.

We understand that high-speed internet transfer is not always an option when you’re on-location or in the field, which is why we offer express courier delivery service. For an additional fee, you can receive video on various media format including hard disk, optical media (Blu-ray, DVD), and any number of tape formats including HDCAM, Beta, etc.